• Weekend Warriors

    High intensity
    Weekend Warriors

    About Weekend Warriors

    Our signature circuit class, a mixture of high intensity interval training, conditioning drills, calisthenics and combat strength.

  • Zoga

    Yoga with Zoe

    About Zoga

    Yoga with Zoe to improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Mixed Circuit

    Core strength
    Mixed Circuit

    About Mixed Circuit

    Let it all out and de-stress after a hard day with our high intensity circuits.

  • Booty Camp

    Get beach ready
    Booty Camp

    About Booty Camp

    Bringing back our popular ladies class, helping you get beach ready.

    • Jordan


      Of course it's hard work. It's supposed to be hard work. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard work is what makes it great.

      Throughout my career in the fitness industry and the many years I spent competing as an amateur boxer, I have gained a solid understanding of how to make any changes to the body in the most efficient and safest way possible, whether that would be fat loss, muscle building/toning or improving physical performance. If you want to make serious progress towards what you personally want to achieve as well as feeling good about yourself and enjoying your training, my approach is the one that you need!

  • Mid Week Motivation

    Mixed circuit
    Mid Week Motivation

    About Mid Week Motivation

    Mixed circuit class to get ypu pumped up and help you push through the rest of the week.

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